Text 3 Mar job listing: office & hr manager

Office & HR Manager

New York City, NY

Having launched in late 2009, DesignerPages.com is a data and information platform targeting the design and construction industries. The Company aims to help designers find and manage product information, and concurrently help manufacturers learn how & why designers specify products via a subscription intelligence service. Headquartered just across the Street from Macy’s in Manhattan, New York City, our team is best characterized as young, motivated, and hip, with a broad spectrum of talents and skill-sets mostly within the spheres of technology, media, and design. While the work environment is organized by output, team members work collaboratively across departments and are frequently required to tackle assignments that require on-the-spot learning and inventiveness.

Designer Pages Online is currently seeking an Office & HR Manager. This role will require tremendous resourcefulness and personality (looking for someone who works smarter than they do hard), with assignments ranging from data entry into Quickbooks, management of payables & receivables, storage and filing, various misc. hr and admin tasks that arise, and managing our event series (we host a lot of fun parties). Yes, you will be a jack-of-all-trades.

Qualifications include:

Ability to work independently in a fast paced, start up environment 
Results driven with a thorough, consultative approach 
Strong work ethic with proven passion for quality and client satisfaction
Proficiency with Microsoft Excel and Quickbooks
Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite and Final Cut, preferred
Bachelor’s Degree, preferred 
Passion for design and/or technology

If you’re interested, please ping us recruitment@designerpages.com.

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Text 3 Feb Broadening the Role of Architects

I’ve been waiting over five years to write this article. I was privileged to first meet Michael Manfredi and Marion Weiss, co-founders of WEISS/MANFREDI, during my fourth year studying at Cornell University’s School of Architecture. Michael was my design studio professor, probably my favorite professor in all my years at Cornell, and Marion was a regular guest critic for pin-ups.

At the time, Michael and Marion had just started designing a visitor center connecting the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and the Brooklyn Museum, and Michael decided to assign this same project to our studio. It was a fabulous experience working alongside an architect who was facing the same design challenges himself, and there’s no doubt I developed a strong sense of connection… [read more at the Huffington Post].

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Text 3 Feb Growing an Architecture Firm in Beijing: The Making of The Titan

Globalization is a prevalent theme these days. People can travel to opposite points in the world in less than a day, and can send emails to opposite points in the world in less than a second. Many ways of life are converging like never before.

As one assesses the growing connectivity and increase in business and design standardization, it becomes more evident that even amidst this unprecedented boom in technology and resulting global homogenization, there’s still so much variety to be found. These days architectural design is a global condition whereby American architects are designing buildings in China and vice versa. And even though the function of the architect is largely the same everywhere in the world, the business of design most certainly is not.

I’d like to share the story of a design firm in China, Ballistic Architecture Machine (BAM), founded by three architects born and educated in the United States. BAM recently participated in a competition… [read more at the Huffington Post].

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Text 12 Nov Local Art in Local Venues: IndieWalls Transforms Art Discovery

Today’s new crop of companies targets every market under the sun, but they often remain exclusively focused on creating an online space, using particular subject matter of shared interest to build a community. In fact, few of these companies interact with real physical space, choosing to build web presence and forgo the network of underutilized, high-traffic venues that are already available.

But some start-ups still see opportunity in our physical spaces. For example, have you ever wondered how art is selected for the walls of hotel lobbies and hallways? Or an airport? Or a hospital? Or a local café? Or any public space for that matter? I’m a designer and I cannot answer this question.

Imagine my delight upon discovering IndieWalls, while eating breakfast at The Grey Dog, University Place in New York City. I noticed the walls were decorated with fun and engaging art pieces. Just above me, I saw a piece that really caught my eye, so I scanned the badge to its side, and discovered it was named Red, White and Tree by artist Pablo Albilal[read more at the Huffington Post].

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